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This is what happens to your English after drinking one beer...

June 4, 2017

"I can speak Czech when I drink" My "Ty vole" and "Fakt" sound just right, I can even articulate phrases like: "Moje Čestina je fakt hrozna, mluvím jako retardovaná holka, Ty vole!



As a foreign teacher, teaching languages for a long time and specifically as a Mexican native living here for 8 years; mispronouncing Czech words has been my daily bread since the moment I came to this awesome land. If I told the situations I experienced and the troubles I got into... I write a blog instead. 


"Czech is one of the most difficult languages to speak. You need to actually pronounce the words perfectly for people to understand you"




Imagine me, trying to explain by phone to my local friends; in which bus stop the football court is located, without knowing the second meaning of it. People still misunderstand me when I tell this particular story, I have to say it twice but I usually have to repeat it 7849231 times.


"It is not only the drinking of alcohol, what makes us more relaxed, but often the situation. I strongly believe that when we are in a familiar environment, in company of friends, you feel less stressed communicating people your ideas in a foreign language... You just talk"




Going back to the relationship between alcohol and speaking; in my humble opinion there is a clear and direct connection between our personality and the way we behave among people after drinking, Czechs are usually polite under normal circumstances around foreigners, however, I often witness changes that occur in a pub after a sip of alcohol, the results are visible. When teaching is your vocation; you can not ignore the opportunities public places offer to practice a foreign language. 


1. The teacher becomes a friendly figure and students feel more at ease.


2. The usual noise of a busy place helps the new speaker feel more comfortable and natural when talking.


3. The informality of the situation promotes linguistic interactions among participants.


Being a teacher in this city has helped me discover that; teaching English is an activity that has to be interesting and practical, it is not a subject that can be taught mostly in classrooms. You have to literally go out, talk and meet people, becoming a difficult process even for the extroverted personalities.


By attending social activities, the participants can improve their linguistic production drastically, boosting the confidence and the interest in speaking a foreign language even from the first interactions. Living in international cities such as Brno, where it is usual to interact with lots of foreigners, English has become a "must-have" in our daily lives, there are also tremendous opportunities ready to be explored by English speakers. The multiculturalism makes everyone feel attracted to speak other languages. 


I love Brno, who doesn't?

(Locals please stop complaining, this place is great ok?)



If you want to become bilingual or polyglot; the next time you go out, share a drink and talk to foreigners, it is fun and free of charge, many of us are doing it, you have all the tools right at your favorite spot. Do not be shy. It is beneficial for you, enjoy what our city has to offer. New times roll, let the languages flow.


Thanks for your attention. Nice comments are always appreciated and the mean ones are fought with blood and sweat. (don't forget I am Mexican, or better yet "Czexican") See you when I see you.





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