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Aprende idiomas sin estudiar

¡Hola Mexico!

Teachme es una escuela creada en la República Checa que ha trascendido fronteras por la genialidad de sus clases y sus profesores únicos.

Teachme no es simplemente una institución, sino tambien 

What are the Social activities?

Activities are diverse and we constantly change them, so everyone can find something interesting.


Do you like food? Come to the cooking. You feel guilty about eating big portions? Come and work-out with us! Or you can just talk with us in a pub for the whole course. Every single activity only in the language of your choice - English, Spanish or Czech (of course).
Another part of the Language Network are the workshops that partly focused on frequent mistakes or about interesting topics such as travel hacking, preparation for an interview and others.

More than 363 hours of activities throughout the year